Boarding Your Pet at Mountain View Pet Resort

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Our roomsWhile your pet is staying with us, our mission is to make them feel like it’s their home away from home and for you, the owner, to know that your pet will be well cared for and have lots of fun in a clean and safe environment.

We welcome and encourage your inspection of our facility since we want you to feel comfortable about your pets stay with us. Come take a tour and feel free to bring your pet along, so they can become familiar with the place too. Check out our Video Tour on this website too.

Living on site allows us the time to devote lots of personal love and attention to your family member. We will be able to share your pets experience with you when you come to pick them up.

Our 15 bedroom suites feature a comfortable, raised bed, blankets, and warm radiant heated floors. We encourage you to bring your pet's bed, special blanket, and toys to help comfort them with the familiar smells of home. Your pets will enjoy soft music throughout the day to help keep them relaxed.

Dogs in hallwayDuring your pet's stay, they will on a daily basis, be able to enjoy multiple play times out in our spacious play yards. Our play yards features an 8 foot high fence for added security and lots of toys. We also have a pond for dogs that like to swim on those hot summer days.

With your permission, we will match your pet up with another pet for playtime. We feel that it is important for the dogs to be able to socialize with each other and have some fun. We begin by carefully introducing your pet to only one dog and after a successful meet and greet, we will add another dog, one at a time, until the play group is established and playing well together.

We ask that you bring your pet's own food, thus eliminating concerns of GI upsets due to a change in their diet. We are happy to administer any medications, even injections, at no extra charge.

Dogs out in the sun

Daily Boarding Rates

1 Dog - $37.00
2 Dogs, 1 Room - $57.00
3 Dogs, 1 Room - $67.00

($15 per each additional dog)

Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

Prices include medication administration, outside playtime, pond/swim time and special needs, including but not limited to additional individualized care, after surgery wound or injury care, medically required leash walks, injections, additional supervision for feed time

Please see Deposit and Cancellation Policy.

How Boarding Fees are charged:

Boarding charges start the day you drop off your pet to the day you pick them up. You will be charged for the entire day on drop off, regardless of the time of day, as the room is reserved for your pet all day. You will not be charged for boarding on the day of pick up IF you pick up during the morning pick up hours.

What To Bring

  • Pet's food
  • Pet's bed, blanket, toys
  • Medications, with instructions
  • Veterinarian's proof of up to date vaccinations: Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella (Kennel Cough) - required every 6 months


Contact us to book your reservation. When your pet arrives for their first stay, you will be asked to fill out the boarding agreement below. If you prefer, you may print it and fill it out at home to bring with you.

Daycare & Boarding Consent Form (pdf)


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